GIRL POWER: Girl Brought This Man to a Police Station After He Took Upskirt Videos of Her ‌in a Jeepney!


A certain woman earned the support of many netizens after she wrote a Facebook status about how a guy tried to take videos of her in a jeepney.

According to netizen Bela Angela, she rode the jeepney at around 4:30 PM going to Maingate. It was a usual day for her until a guy wearing stripes tried to get her attention. He warned her to cover her skirt more. This made her uneasy but she was clueless about what was happening. Nonetheless, she did what she was told.

But later on, the same guy passed his phone to her informing her that another guy, sitting across from her, had been taking photos and videos of her! The concerned guy kept on updating her, telling her that the pervert had been sending her photos on messenger. This made Angela furious and so they planned to confront him before he had the chance to exit the vehicle

She was able to confirm that the guy had been taking photos and even videos of her focusing on her skirt. She filed a complaint at a police station and the pervert tried to beg for her forgiveness. But Angela remained firm, believing that she had been disrespected.

She also ranted about how some guys will harass you even if you're wearing the most decent clothes.

The post already garnered 10 thousand reactions and comments which mostly supported her course of action over the incident.



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