Girl Left Her Cellphone Inside The Taxi, What The Driver Did Made Them Nervous! MUST READ!


"In this world full of bad things going on may mga tao pa(ng) ganto"

These are the words of the grateful Jen Cena when she shared on Facebook her experience with her honest taxi driver.

According to Cena's Facebook post, she and her friends were at Ortigas when Sam, one of her friends, realized that her cellphone was missing. It has been more than an hour since they remembered that it must have been left inside the taxi they rode to Ortigas.

They tried calling Sam's phone but no one answered. After several tries, they started to worry about not getting the phone back. During their last attempt, the taxi driver finally answered. He said he was already in Pasong Tamo, Makati. Cena's group said they will pay him the transportation expenses if he will return the gadget.

Sam was still anxious and nervous when the unnamed taxi driver traveled back to Ortigas just to return the cellphone. When he finally arrived at their meeting place, he narrated that he noticed the phone with the help of his last passenger. He said that three passengers have been in his cab and he failed to hear the phone ringing because of his radio set. His last female passenger took notice and informed him. 

Aside from honestly returning what was lost, the taxi driver did not charge Cena and her friends with the transportation expenses. Moreover, he also refused to receive any amount of money in exchange for his kind deed.

Cena commended the taxi driver for his effort and honesty. According to Cena, the taxi driver could have kept the gadget but he still chose to do the right thing. They also commended his female passenger who noticed Sam's phone but did not take it.

Although the group failed to get his name, they were more than grateful for his act.


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