Foreign Youtubers Can't Handle the 'Hugot' From the Viral Jollibee Ads! Watch Their Reactions Here!


The Filipino fast-food chain giant Jollibee was trending all over social media during Valentine’s season with their popular ‘hugot’ advertisements. 

Filipino netizens reveled in the bliss and misery that comes with love, perfectly captured by the viral 'Kwentong Jollibee' commercials.

Apparently, even foreigners can’t escape the 'hugot' as popular YouTubers have shared their reactions for the advertisements as well.

Specifically, these American Youtube users shared their live reactions while streaming the Jollibee trilogy ads titled 'Date,' 'Vow' and 'Crush.'

HighKnucklesTV, a widely-popular channel hosted by American duo HighKnuckles and HottSamn, were just one of the many channels who shared their reactions to the bittersweet ads. 

While watching the 'Vow' commercial, the duo enjoyed the seemingly light-hearted story of how two people with similar orders met. However, they were completely stunned when the video's plot twist was revealed at the end. 

HighKnuckles said: “I had goosebumps and then it crushed me.” “How the hell can it do that to me?! I had – I never had goosebumps and then I immediately got smacked.”

His companion, HotSamn, was in tears and couldn’t believe the ending. Don’t worry, you two - anyone who watched 'Vow' felt the same way.

The mood was distinctly lighter when they viewed the 'Crush' commercial.

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