EXPOSED! Grandmother Asking For Blood is New Modus for Illegal Organ Trade!


Recently, a Facebook user posted the story of an old woman who walks around the streets of Ortigas asking for blood donations for her daughter who apparently has leukemia. The Facebook user's post regarding the old woman caught the attention of netizens and instantly went viral. As expected, the story was greeted with sympathy from concerned netizens. 

However,  some time later, another concerned Facebook user posted what seemed to be a different side of the supposedly heartbreaking story of the grandmother. According to the more recent Facebook post uploaded by a certain  Abie Santos, the old woman in question is actually not what she appeared. Ms. Santos says the old woman, who was identified by the first poster as Herminia Morales, is not the golden-hearted grandmother that netizens thought she was. Santos revealed that Morales is a member of a syndicate that is responsible for selling organs in the black market. Santos warned that the old woman has perfected her modus of going around asking for blood donations since she was first spotted around the area she frequents in 2007

Read the complete post by the concerned citizen who exposed the old lady here:

It seemed that Ms. Santos wasn't the only one to expose the true story behind the old woman. Another Facebook User who goes by the name Mr. Green Distribution also made a similar claim. 

According to a popular trending news source, the old woman was seen around Ortigas in February 2017. She apparently still goes around asking people for blood donations for her daughter, Helena Flores, who is still confined in Ospital ng Makati

TNP has no way to find out which side is telling the truth. 
Keep posted for more information regarding the story. 
Source: TNP, Facebook

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