VIRAL: Ella Cruz Danced Her Own Version Of 'Versace On The Floor' And It Was Sexy And Hot!


Teen star Ella Cruz once again went viral with a video of her dancing to Bruno Mars' 'Versace On The Floor' with fellow teen actor Julian Trono.

The dancefloor princess made a splash on social media once again as she alluringly captured the attention of many netizens with her recent dance cover. 

Their video was uploaded on Youtube and has already gone extremely viral with more than 800,000 views as of this writing. 

Despite their sultry dance moves, Ella and Julian's version still had a hint of wholesomeness as refrained from showing off too much skin. 

The actress also showed her versatility as, according to, she choreographed the routines she used for this particular dance video herself. Unlike her previous dance covers, Ella's most recent routine had her grooving in a slower and more relaxed motion.

The actress rose to fame through her viral dance covers. Due to the immense popularity of her dance videos, she even started her own dance studio.

Meanwhile, Julian is starting to leave his mark on the dancing industry. He has recently undegone dancing training in South Korea. No wonder his dance moves can keep up with Ella's exceptional skills. 


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