Pres. Duterte Attended Ysabel Ortega's 18th birthday. His Advice For Her Is A Must Watch!


Actress, Ysabel Ortega, turned 18 last week. To celebrate her big day, Ysabel had a party at the Sampaguita Gardens in Quezon City

The actress first got the attention of the public as Angela in the Kapamilya television show, ‘On the Wings of Love’. Ysabel reportedly created a bit of a buzz last year for taking the role because she had to play a 24-year-old. 

Duterte to Ysabel Ortega on her 18th Birthday: ‘Don’t fall in love yet’

‘On the Wings of Love’ ended its run last year. But it seems that people are expecting to see more of Ysabel on television after the success of the series. 

Aside from being one of Pinoy showbiz’s hot new upcoming young stars, fans might also recognize her as the daughter of Senator Lito Lapid and Michelle Ortega

Given that Ysabel comes from a family of celebrities and politicians, it’s no surprise that her 18th birthday party had a few major personalities for guests. 

But nobody really expected the biggest celebrity on the guest list to actually be there. 

It was no other than President Rodrigo Duterte. 

That’s right, readers; President Duterte took some time off as the big boss of the country just so he could be present on Ysabel’s big day. And get this, he didn’t just attend the lucky girl’s party. He also gave a speech. It mostly contained dating advice.

Duterte to Ysabel Ortega on her 18th Birthday: ‘Don’t fall in love yet’

The president reportedly said the following to the debutant:

"Alam mo, you are young, you are beautiful, and a simple woman. Do not hurry."

The president did not stop with that line though. He continued, “There's always time in this world. Time to be happy. Time to be sad. Time for victory. Time for defeat. Sa buhay mo, take it from me, do not be in a hurry to get emotionally involved. Hayaan mo muna silang to adore you --a lot of guys will. But do not fall into the trap.”

The President ended his little speech with the following:

“Nakakasira talaga [ng buhay] iyan pa-in love, in love na iyan. ...Make yourself an exception."

Awww, such thoughtful and sweet words from the President. 

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Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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