Does Denise Laurel's Son Know His Mom Is Really Famous? READ HIS REACTION HERE!


Celebrities have very hectic schedules, so it is not easy for them to have share bonding times with their family, especially if they're a parent. They need to balance their time and make sure that even if they're out there taping, they are still able to keep track of their children, particularly if they're young.

Kapamilya actress Dennis Laurel is not an exception--apart from attending her tapings and shoots, she has to make sure that her young son Alejandro is greatly taken care of. PEP reported that she always makes it a point to have a daily conversation with the five-year-old about her certain roles in television, especially since she often portrays antagonists.

“It’s important that I tell him about my character, especially if there’s something shocking about to happen. One time, he was very young, there was a scene where I got bumped by a car, and then I rolled on the ground and got unconscious," she said.

Denise noted that her son was just two-years-old that time when he saw the scene on television. “I looked at the TV because I was beside him, I went, ‘Remember Mama goes to work all the time? And it’s my job to play other people, character,'" she said.

“’Like when I read you a story, I’m bringing a story to life. So I’m acting out,’” the actress continued. She also relayed a time when she got mobbed and thought that it was actually a great feeling because she never declines picture-taking from fans.

“I never say no to pictures no matter how tired I am, no matter how hungry or sick or about to faint, I’d still have a picture with someone," Denise said. She noted that Alejandro was with her, even with many people surrounding her that time.

Denise shared that she doesn't have a personal assistant and said that it's always just her son and her when they go out. “So when they were coming in so close, and I was trying to give attention to each and every person, I was holding out to him so tightly, and he started to get scared…” she recalled.

Denise said that she pulled her son close to her and said that people were just excited and happy to see her. She noted to him, “’And they just wanna take pictures so they can show their friends and their families that they’re happy to see me.’”

Alejandro immediately asked if she was a star, to which the actress replied that she doesn't actually consider herself a star but that she appears on television, which is her job.

The young boy quipped, “So am I a star, Mama?” and Denise told him that he could be if he wanted to and said that she wouldn't stop him. However, the actress added that it would mean a lot of hard work. It could be recalled that Denise also appeared on the reality talent show Your Face Sounds Familiar as a contestant, but was only included in the bottom three of winners.

She recalled how her son Alejandro reacted. “He would see me lose every week, and he’d be the one to cry for me and get upset. ‘Are they not your friends, Mama? How come they don’t vote for you?’" he said. Denise noted that she had to explain the quality of hard work to him.

“So now he knows that it’s a job, and I love it, so I work hard for it.” In season two of 'Your Face Sounds Familiar,' the actress emerged as the grand winner.

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Does Denise Laurel's Son Know His Mom Is Really Famous? READ HIS REACTION HERE!
Source: TNP , PEP

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