Diego Loyzaga's Mother and Stepsisters Reveal That They Support Him Against Cesar Montano: 'You Don't Deserve This'


It's hard being a showbiz personality because you're always under the public scrutiny. 

It's made even more difficult if you have family members also involved in the industry, as whatever issues and conflicts you have in private are in danger of being aired out in public. 

In Cesar Montano's case, it was not just his estranged relationship with Sunshine Cruz that created buzz - he also had a falling out with his son, actor Diego Loyzaga

The 21-year-old actor has harbored bitterness towards his father ever since. 

The internet went ablaze when Diego called his father a liar and a hypocrite on his Instagram account. He also accused Cesar of rejecting him when he was still a young boy. 

One of his posts read, "Sa lahat ng nakakabasa nito, iisipin niyo siguro wala akong respeto kasi ama ko iyan. Pero sana tandaan niyo na mula ng pinanganak ako ng nanay ko eh dineny na ako niyan hangang ngayon! Kaya siguro puwede ako magsalita ng ganito." 

Diego continued to attack Cesar and said that his father was a drug addict. Cesar responded to the statement and told Diego to leave the house. He also said that he would have his son arrested by the authorities because, according to him, Diego is also a drug user. 

PEP reported that Sunshine Cruz, along with Angelina Montano - Diego's stepsister - voiced their support for the young actor in his on-going conflict against Cesar. 

14-year-old Angelina left a comment on Diego's Instagram that read, "You have been a great brother to us Kuya Diego, you don't deserve this. The three of us and mom are here for you no matter what, love you <3”


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