Did You Know That Potatoes Can Produce Enough Power To Light Up A Room For More Than A Month? Watch This!


Potatoes can be used in so many ways. Over the years, humans have figured out a variety of uses for the versatile root crop.

In the kitchen, they can be prepared in almost any way you can think of - fried, boiled, baked, the list goes on. They may be eaten alone or as a side dish. You can even eat them raw if you want. 

But potatoes are not just used for food, they also have industrial uses. Potato starch is commonly included as an ingredient in making highly effective adhesives. Potato peels can also be made into ethanol when turned liquefied

As if all that stuff that was mentioned earlier wasn't enough, potatoes can apparently be used as a cure for arthritis, boils, and sore eyes, just to name a few ailments. According to WebMD, all you have to do is rub a raw potato on the affected area to treat any of the minor afflictions mentioned. 

Potatoes really are pretty amazing. But did you know that potatoes are also a source of electricity? 

Scientists have recently found a way to use potatoes as batteries! And get this: when used the right way, they are capable of providing power for a room for up to 40 days!

Professor Heim Rabinowitch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered a way to use potatoes to harness energy. However, to be able to do so, a potato must be attached to two metal rods to induce a chemical reaction. The scientists who helped Professor Rabinowitch with this project also realized that boiling the potato for about eight minutes before starting the process vastly increases power production. It doesn't hurt that the researchers also revealed that using potatoes as a power source is far less expensive than other methods, particularly fossil fuels.

To learn more about how to turn a potato into a powerful battery, watch this video:

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