Chief 'Bato' Appeals to Wives of Policemen to Stop Being Materialistic.


Philippine National Police Chief, General Ronald 'Bato' dela Rosa recently made an appearance at an event called 'Kasalang Bayan'. 

The event called for the general to prepare a speech for the attendees. ABS-CBN reported about Chief Bato's special appearance at the event held in Camp Crame.

In his speech, 'Bato' did his best to give relationship advice to those who attended the mass wedding event. People believe that the most memorable part of the general's speech was when he addressed the wives of policemen. 

Dela Rosa claimed that he saw materialism as one of the main reasons why policemen turn to corrupt activities. Of course, the PNP chief assured the attendees that what he said did not apply to all. He only wanted to share his observations, he explained. 

He also shared examples of women who ask too much from their policemen husbands. He said that the materialistic demands of wives need to be kept in check so as not give their husbands any reasons to participate in illegal activities just to satisfy them.

According to, Chief 'Bato' said the following during his speech:

“Do not pressure your husband to buy you [expensive] stuff so that he will not be pressured to look for income through illegal means that will lead to corruption.”

After news of the PNP Chief's speech at Kasalang Bayan came out, Dr. Jessy Ang, a psychiatrist, pointed out flaws in the PNP chief's claims. 

Dr. Ang. who has experience dealing with soldiers with PTSD, warned on February 15, 2017, that men should not blame their wives for any bad decisions they make. The psychiatrist had the following to say in response to Dela Rosa's advice:

Chief 'Bato' Appeals to Wives of Policemen to Stop Being Materialistic.

“We have to be accountable for our decisions, actions. You can’t say that you made a mistake because your spouse pressured you, or that because your child has a problem… You should be mature enough to face the consequences." 

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