CHECK THIS OUT: The Voice Judges Unexpectedly Turned Their Chairs Around For A Guy Who Didn't Even Sing!


'The Voice' is a competition in search of the most talented people in the field of singing. From the 'blind auditions' to the grand finals, contestants are handpicked by their coaches to determine the singer who'll get the grand prize and a possible career in music at the end.

What if we told you that the judges actually turned their chairs around for a guy who did not even sing at all during his audition? You might not believe it, but it really happened.

One bearded guy just stood there while he created unique sounds from his bong. Yes, you heard it right. He was dubbed as 'The Ganja Boy' after his audition video went viral online. 

Netizens were left puzzled by the judges' reasons for letting him enter the contest in the first place. However, he really did produce intriguing sounds through that bong

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Source: TNP , YoutTube

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