Check Out The 10 Most Disgraceful Philippine Celebrity Falls Down In History!


Nobody is perfect. Even our most admired celebrities cannot save themselves from humiliation.

You name it: wardrobe malfunctions, slip offs, and other types of accidents happen on stage. Almost every artist has gone through them once or twice in their life.

In Philippine showbiz history, there are a handful of celebrity fall downs to mention but here we gathered ten of the most disgraceful!

1. JuliElmo Slips on stage during Party Pilipinas

During the January 6, 2013 episode of the show Party Pilipinas, the love team 'JulieElmo' performed on the stage. Julie Ann San Jose accidentally slipped off the platform exactly when the camera is on her, thus sharing the moment to the public audience.

Many bashed their love team after the incident and some even said that they did that for publicity.

2. Sarah Geronimo's Wardrobe Malfunction

The pop star had an outfit failure during a performance of "And I am Telling You" in her concert, 24/SG.

Sarah Geronimo stepped on her dress accidentally, which to her tripping down. She's quick to snap off the moment and pick herself up her feet and go on with the show.

3. Rachel Ann Go's whistle

When one of the staff who was helping her go down accidentally slipped, Rachel Ann Go tried not to slip as well but failed. The result is a botched rendition of "Bakit" and a whistle which went way too loud. 

However, the singer just laughed the moment off. 

4. Sharon Cuneta's birthday fall down

Megastar Sharon Cuneta celebrated her birthday on a free birthday concert last January 11, 2011.

During her performance, the singer fell down and rumors claimed that she ended the concert in a wheelchair.

Nevertheless, fans expressed their appreciation for Cuneta despite the untoward incident.



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