Netizens Lambasts Cesar Montano After Diego Loyzaga's Controversial Revelations About Him!


Actor Diego Loyzaga shocked the social media community after he blatantly lambasted his own father, Cesar Montano, on a series of  Instagram posts.

Diego posted his controversial resentment towards Cesar's response as a father to him. He expressed his grudge over how the action star treated him as a son. Moreover, Diego also claimed that Cesar denied having a relationship with him.

On his Intagram posts, Diego revealed that Cesar sent him to a testing facility five times to examine his drug use. He also claimed that Cesar has been disowning him ever since he was a kid. The 21-year old young actor reiterated that Cesar also denied being related to him. Moreover, Diego also questioned his father about his promises to him as a son which are still left hanging. Diego also accused Cesar of hypocrisy repeatedly.

Diego's online drama immediately gathered netizens' attention. While Cesar has remained silent about the issue, Diego's social media followers and concerned netizens already started throwing criticisms and backlash towards the action star.

Netizens started to question Cesar's parenting style and family management as of Diego's latest remarks, the issue about his son who committed suicide and his annulment with ex-wife Sunshine Cruz.

Above all, netizens started to conclude what type of a father and husband Cesar is. Netizens expressed their disappointment over him in the comment section of one of his Instagram post with PNP Chief General 'Bato' Dela Rosa.

 Cesar Montano Draws Fire From Netizens After Diego Loyzaga's Controversial Revelation About Him!

Diego posted some comments on the photo, firing sarcastic statements towards his father. He even tagged his mother, Teresa Loyzaga, and mocked Cesar's relationship with the PNP chief.


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