Caught on CCTV: An Old Lady Instructing her Granddaughter to Steal from a Shop!


A video of an old woman instructing her granddaughter to steal from a small clothing shop has gone viral. 

The video was captured live by the store's CCTV camera. The clip of this thieving tandem was featured in a recent episode of the popular local news program, TV Patrol

The video was apparently submitted by the store-owner. The video then made its way to Facebook where it garnered about 8,700 reactions and 480 shares. 

Netizens did not fail to provide the public with their comments regarding the clip. Most of them agree that the grandmother should be punished for corrupting the mind of her supposed grandchild

According to the report by ABS-CBN, it was discovered recently that the old woman and her young partner in crime have been using the same trick in other shops with similar set-ups. They seem to have perfected their method of thieving - a relatively simple modus operandi.

The two go inside a chosen shop pretending to look around. After checking if the coast is clear, the child is instructed to find the storekeeper’s bag and obtain it immediately. 

The grandmother then positions herself near the child, making sure that her back is turned towards her, with the back of her skirt within easy reach. The child will then proceed to slip herself under her grandmother’s skirt with the victim’s bag in tow. They make their way out of the shop, trying to attract as little attention as possible. 

Some of their victims have already filed complaints against the tandem. The police and the DSWD have been alerted about them as well. The old woman is sure to face serious jail time if she ever gets caught, while the child will be most likely be put under the custody of the DSWD

Watch the video from ABS-CBN here: 

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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