Bruno Mars Would Give Up His Career Just To Be With His Pinay Mom Again


There is no greater love than a mother's love, so there is also no greater loss than losing your mother.

This is one statement that international artist Bruno Mars would surely agree with.

Way back 2013, the pop singer lost his mother Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, after losing her battle with a brain aneurysm. It was a sudden event that shook Mars tremendously.  The effect is so massive that the singer-songwriter halted his career for a time.

Four years after his mother's death, and it is evident that Bruno Mars still longs for her dearly. In an interview with the Latina Magazine, Mars shared that he would give up his music career for a chance to be with his mother again.

Bruno Mars Would Give Up His Career Just To Be With His Mom Again

"She's more than my music. If I could trade music to have her back, I would," he told the Latina magazine correspondent.

He also said that her mother taught him how to love and helped him set his standards of what his ideal woman should be.

The half-Filipino singer admitted that he has regrets that he only realized when he lost his mother.

"I wish I would've done this or said this.' You just have to see life differently. It shows you the real importance of life. Nothing else matters in this world but family and your loved ones."

Despite all of this, Bruno Mars still continues to shine to create magic and beautiful songs. Whenever he's feeling down, he just thinks of his mother and how she would have wanted him to carry on and keep pushing forward.

Bruno Mars is born Peter Hernandez and one of the six children of Bernadette Bayot and Peter Hernandez.

His many hits include "Just The Way You Are, Billionaire", and "Versace on The Floor."

What can you say about Bruno Mars' love for his mom?

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