Bride and Groom About to Say Their Wedding Vows but This Priest Halts Them and Calls Their Confused Parents!


The amount of commitment one is willing to give from the very start of a relationship typically has a lot to do with the foundation their parents had set up for them as children.

Growing up in a love-filled family with a happy couple was a gift for Drew and Gina, and it helped shape their own love story as well.

During their beautiful vintage-inspired wedding in November of 2010 in Scottsdale, Arizona, the priest decided to emphasize their foundation as he called in their parents who were caught off-guard.

Just before the two could say their vows, Father Jim Husek talked about lasting love and marriage.

With the 34 years of relationship Drew's parents had and the incoming 38th year for Gina's parents, these two couples were great examples of a solid foundation for building a life together.

Father Yusek asked Drew and Gina to stand by the side before they could solidify their nuptial.

"If you don’t mind standing a bit to the side," he asked.

"This is going to be for the parents."

Confused and clueless about the beautiful surprise the bride, groom, and priest had set up, their parents nonetheless followed.

The surprise left the couple's parents shocked and teary-eyed. Even father Yusek who had been officiating ceremonies like this for years has never done anything like it before.

Truly, it was one memorable wedding day for this couple.

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