Before Jollibee’s Kwentong Valentine, There Was Lemon Square’s 'Cookie Says' That Made Everyone Fall In Love! Watch This!


Brands have upped the ante in the recent weeks, especially since Jolibee's Kwentong Valentines short film series trended and touched the hearts of Filipinos. However, do you know that other brands have also done the same marketing style before them?

Lemon Square's two-minute commercial was released for the digital landscape last year to launch its first cookie brand, Cookie Says, a remarkable attempt to reach young adults and yuppies. 

The commercial’s story is about a young man who wanted to get the attention of a pretty young lady. What he did was get dozens of Cookie Says and put them in an envelope to give to the girl. 

After sending the envelopes of cookies, the young man bumped into the girl of his dreams which made his backpack fall, scattering pieces of Cookie Says wrappers and envelopes that he will send to her. When the girl asked if he was the one who was sending her the envelopes, the young man told her sorry in sign language.

In the end, the video said, “Sometimes, the best words aren’t said. They’re shared.” The video was posted on Facebook last September 2016 and now has 3.2 million views, 164 thousand likes, and more than 42 thousand shares. The digital campaign was launched by Havas Ortega.

Account Director Paulo Parel said, “Initially, we were just supposed to do page posts to create awareness for Cookie Says. But the challenge to make a creative and shareable take on the product was too strong and it then evolved. “

Source: TNP , Youtube

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