Awkward! Pageant Runner-up Grabs the Crown from the Winner to Do This! Must Watch!


Many of us Filipinos are still caught up with pageants after having been given the privilege to host the 65th Miss Universe after more than two decades.

The prestigious pageant held at SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines crowned 23-year-old dental student Iris Mittenaere from France as Miss Universe 2016 as she was deemed the most beautiful among 85 other contestants.

But of course we are aware of the efforts and sacrifices each candidate has made just to win the pageant. 

However, we did not really expect that one woman would dare grab the crown just to literally experience it.

On a viral video posted on Facebook, a runner-up in a Colombian beauty pageant grabbed the crown from the winner and wore it for a couple of moments before walking out.

Although everyone was caught off guard, the winner remained gracious as she allowed the other contestant to wear her crown.

Fortunately, the runner-up returned the crown and placed it back on the winner's head. Due to the awkward atmosphere (despite not being able to put it properly) she quickly left with her escort.

The pageant winner, on the other hand, remained smiling. Upon getting the crown back, waved at the audience and even gave a flying kiss to her fans.

Watch the video below!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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