ATTENTION: Netizen Warns Everyone of This Woman Who Allegedly Kidnaps Children Along Baclaran Church!


A female netizen stirred interest on social media after posting a warning to everyone about a new modus operandi of a woman allegedly kidnapping children near Baclaran Church.

According to Cynariez Osorio, she and her child went to Baclaran church to attend the mass at around 7 PM. 

The place was packed full of people, as usual. They were trying to find their way out when suddenly a stranger grabbed her child's arms firmly. 

Fortunately, her child was able to get loose but the stranger then pinched her child several times. Osorio became furious and went after the stranger. 

Instead of being apologetic, the stranger challenged them to a brawl. 

Osorio was wary and remained persistent in questioning her about her intentions. The woman then started acting crazy. 

This didn't stop Osorio from taking her complaint to the police station. She then warned everyone to be very careful with their kids, especially in crowded places. 

The post has garnered around 7,900 reactions, with most netizens taking heed of Osorio's warning. 


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