Angry Wife Beats The Alcohol Out Of Her Drunk Husband! MUST WATCH!


If you're tired of hearing news about drunk husbands beating up their wives, then get a dose of this angry wife beating up her drunk husband

Facebook account "All about the Philippines" posted a video of a wife beating the consciousness out of her husband for getting seriously drunk. 

The husband is first seen lying on the ground before he wakes up to the sight of his furious wife wielding a stick.

Angry Wife Beats The Alcohol Out Of Her Drunk Husband! MUST WATCH!

He then made fun of the situation by faking a fighting stance. The wife beat him up some more and eventually forced him to run home. 

Laughter ensues as the two comically walked away with the wife still scolding her husband. 

Watch the entire video here: 

Many commentors found the video funny. Wives tagged their own husbands and threatened to do the same if ever they get drunk.

One of them is quoted as saying, "mahal alam mo na ah pag nag-inuman ka ng wala pa sa oras ng pag uwi ah...alam mo na mangyayari sa yo.."

As funny as it is to some, other netizens did not like the way the wife handled the situation. 

One guy tagged his own wife and said, "dear ayaw baya ko apasag bunal ha kung mag-inom mi... istoryahan ra natog maayo."

("Dear, don't beat me up like this when I drink with my friends. Calmly talk to me instead.)

Some argue that people are biased in these kinds of situations. A woman beating up a man in public won't generate the same reactions from other people as a man doing the same to a woman.

This is despite the fact that both situations are examples of domestic violence. 

Most people would rally to the defense of a woman rather than to a man getting a beating from his partner. 

Because of this, Youtube users Moe and ET conducted a social experiment and revealed just how differently people would react to a similar incident. 

Watch their video here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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