Angry Man Shouts at Girl While Waiting in ATM Machine: 'F*ck Off! Get Out! You Want a Slap?!'


Every day of our lives, we are stuck waiting--whether in jeeps, buses, banks, and parking lots. We are forever holding our patience because we have no other choice.

We are bound to lose our cool when something inconvenient happens to us, like when a person rudely cuts our line or when someone berates us for not moving fast enough, or in a pace the same as ours. Such is the case of this woman who got berated by an angry, impatient man who is alleged of Chinese descent

Facebook user Lovely Rhose D Cruz uploaded the video of a woman who was doing her transaction in an automated-teller machine (ATM). She was busily minding her own business when a Chinese man standing behind her began to scold her. 

"Hello? What are you doing?" he said in a heavily punctuated English. The woman ignored him at first but when she didn't reply, he said, "I am losing my patience with you!" 

"If you don't know how to operate this machine, get out, and let other people use it!" he shouted while crossing his arms. 

"You're being f**king inconsiderate!" in which the woman hurriedly replied something else, but the Chinese man was not having any of it. "Where did you come from? Which country are you from? You come to Singapore, you behave yourself!" he ratted out. 

In the midst of this, the woman continued to transact in the ATM, not minding the insults of the man. Her silence did not placate him. "What the f**k do you think this is? You cannot behave yourself, you go home!"  

The woman in front of the ATM lost her cool a few seconds later and retorted, "I'm not understanding you!" to the man. A few more courses from him and then she shot back, saying, "Get out yourself!" 

"You wanna slap?!" the Chinese man asked in a scolding manner. The woman turned to face him and challenged him. "Do it now! Slap me!" she said while she continued her transaction. 

Check out what happened next to the Chinese man! Watch it here: 

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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