'Ang Pangit Eh' : A Netizen Reacted to Angel Locsin's New Hairdo! Check Out What Her Friends and Fans Had To Say About the Basher Here!


After Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin made waves online with her new hairdo, some netizens reacted by saying they wished the actress hadn't cut her hair short. Aside from their over-familiarity with the actress, it really is nobody's business what one chooses to do with one's hair.

Angel openly admitted about how her hair was ruined by a botched hair treatment at a salon, forcing her to wear a wig for a time. Now that her hair has grown back a bit, she has chosen to rock a pixie cut.

Although many fans like her new hairdo, some disagreed.

On one of Angel's recent Instagram photos of Chito Miranda's birthday celebration, netizens flocked the post and expressed dismay over her so-called "ugly" hair cut.

One netizen, who claimed to be a fan of Angel, admitted that despite idolizing the star, she still believes that Angel's hair is ugly.

"ur my idol but sorry to say so sad ngka gnyan hair mo :( sorry pls dnt take this as an offense but i dnt like it ang panget eh #justsaying so if i were u naku dpat tlga idemanda un responsible sa nangyari sa hair mo, wag mo pairalin ang kabaitan mo.. even if accident pa sya.. they should face the consequence! they ruined u, ur hair ay basta kainis yang salon n yan.. their job is to beautify people and not make people ugly.. hayst! so pano na ang darna? mag wig kn lng ganon?" @stephlisal_ wrote

"kalma guys, i'm not against @therealangellocsin nor did i mention that she is ugly. I like her, but as i've said i jst don't like her short hair. For me the hair is ugly. This is just my view, my opinion. And I am actually mad at the salon who did this to her, bec she doesn't deserve this, she paid at the salon and this is what happened?! i like angel w/ long hair. Yes, i agree @therealangellocsin is beautiful inside and out not referring to her beauty but to her hair. U see, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion right? un maganda sa paningin nyo pwedeng pangit sken, at un pangit sken, sanyo maganda.. we are all different that's why we have diff opinions. And no i am not a fan of Jessy Mendiola so pls stop saying that I am." @stephlisal_  added.

"Ang Pangit Eh": A Netizen Reacted to Angel Locsin's New Hairdo! Check Out What Her Friends and Fans Had To Say About the Basher Here!

A few other netizens agreed that Angel looked better with long hair.


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