This Guy Was Lost By His Mother 32 Years Ago. Finally, They Are Reunited! You Will Surely Cry After Watching This!


It's a blissful month of hearts for Jojo de Carteret (his adoptive surname) because after more than three decades, he has finally found her long lost mother. 

Back in 1985, Jojo got lost as a child. He was found by a jeepney driver in Muñoz Market in Quezon City. 

The driver then brought the lost boy to the Reception and Studies Center for Children. Luckily, an Australian couple found him there and raised him as their own son.

Fast forward to 2017, Jojo, now an accomplished filmmaker, went back to the Philippines in January to get the closure he has always longed for.

Armed with his "missing" photo, the name and alias of his biological mother, and what few childhood memories he had, Jojo started looking in the place where he was found.

After one month, a woman claimed to be his mother Herminia. But the hopeful Jojo was disappointed when the DNA test came back negative.  

Just a few days before he had to fly back to Australia, he got a promising lead as to the whereabouts of his mother. 

First, he found his mother's ex-lover whom he believed is his father. Ricardo Culadilla, now a chief mechanic in California, claimed that it was already months before he knew Jojo got lost.

Then he got to meet his mother's friends who were included in the old group picture that he had with him.

Finally, the day before his flight, Jojo got what he came here for. On the very place where he got lost, he found the mother he was searching for. 

Herminia gave details of his memory of the young Jojo. According to her, he had a broken right leg, he loved lechon skin, and that he always played with the threads she used as a tailor. 

She decided to change her name after getting heartbroken with Ricardo, who found new love in the U.S.

Their short mother-son reunion was made even more meaningful because of the other lives it has also brought back together.

Jojo's touching story was featured in GMA's Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

Watch it here:

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Source: TNP, GMA

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