ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING! Woman Gets Exorcised by an Albularyo: 'Uubusin Ko Lahat Sila!'


"Uubusin ko kayong lahaaaaat!" screamed a woman while she was being exorcised by an 'albularyo' - a local Filipino term for a faith healer. Albularyos are still common in the Philippines, particularly in remote provinces, despite the advancement of modern-day medicine and technology.

There are still groups of people who believe in the concept of 'kulam' - folk magic where soil, fire, herbs, spices, candles, oils, and utensils are used to conduct a ritual or a spell to hex someone. Kulam is widely prevalent in remote rural areas, where people live close to nature and are more attuned to it.

The provinces of Siquijor, Talalora, Western Samar, and Sorsogon widely employ the practice of kulam. When a person gets victimized by a 'mangkukulam' - a Filipino term similar to a witch or a voodoo priest - then he or she must be treated by an albularyo through the method of divination called 'pagtatawas'.

In a video posted by Facebook user John Paolo Millares Soriano, a woman could be seen being exorcised by a faith healer, where she is screaming "Uubusin ko kayong lahaaaat!" in a raspy, angry voice that seemingly did not belong to her.

The woman claims to have been possessed by an entity named John. "Sinabi kong si John ako, 'di ba?! Sinabi ko!!!" a male-sounding voice emanated from the woman's throat as the faith healer asked her who was responsible for the kulam. The faith healer then placed two fingers on her torso, which prompted the woman to scream in agony. "Dapat lang 'yon sa kanilang lahat!"

The albularyo prodded her further and challenged her: "Dapat lang 'yon sa kanila? Papatayin na kita?" he asked. The woman responded, "Hindi ako magbabago hanggang andiyan sila... uubusin ko lahat sila. Uubusin ko lahat silaaaa!"

The woman was reportedly hexed by someone who got envious of her and her children because they have a good family life.

Watch the whole exorcism here:

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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