A Woman Got Pricked By An Unidentified Girl and Now Fears She Might Have Acquired HIV!


This netizen's viral story garnered a lot of attention for its potentially fatal context

Enya De Jesus shared a peculiar incident she had at around 12:38 AM in Cubao, Quezon City

According to De Jesus, she was along the pedestrian lane waiting for a green light when she felt a prick on her back. 

She was shocked and hurt so she shouted: "Aray! Ano yun! Ano yun!" 

She turned around to see a girl wielding a needle. Then, the girl walked away from her. She was planning to go after her but hesitated upon suspecting that she might have been accompanied by someone else. 

She then went straight to the hospital to identify what substance, if any, was injected into her. She was told that she still needed to undergo a series of tests to confirm it. She then started to worry that she might have contracted HIV.

HIV is a sexually transmitted disease which stands for "human immunodeficiency virus". This condition slowly damages the immune system and deteriorates the body's ability in fighting other foreign bodies that cause diseases. 

This is a serious, life-threatening disease that has already claimed many lives. 

Despite being easily transmitted through sexual intercourse, the disease can be passed on through other fluids such as blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids and breast milk.

De Jesus already reported the incident to the police, which was confirmed through CCTV footage captured at the area where the incident occurred. 

The investigation is still ongoing but they are already warning everyone to be extra careful in the streets. Meanwhile, De Jesus is asking for prayers.

Read the full story below:

A Woman Got Pricked By An Unidentified Girl and Now Fears She Might Have Acquired HIV!Seen by Kevin Lozada Nellas at 9:43pm

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