A Shoplifter Was Caught Red-Handed but Everyone Was Shocked When They Saw This! Unbelievable!


Thieves, robbers and criminals are coming up with more elaborate methods for their dirty work.

In a video shared on Facebook from footage captured in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 9 by a certain Donawana Dee, a woman was caught on CCTV shoplifting from a grocery store.

Contrary to the traditional strategy of putting the stolen items inside a bag or purse, the woman surprisingly placed numerous grocery items under her skirt.

Another video of a different woman who was also caught shoplifting using the same method was in the same Facebook post.

The woman in the second video stood still as another woman lifted her skirt showing the stolen items hidden under what looked like a pair of shorts jury-rigged for shoplifting. Inside her tight shorts were at least seven stolen tops.

The shoplifting video already has 4,000 reactions and about 226,000 shares as of writing.

In a separate but somewhat similar incident, a woman was also caught on CCTV stealing a flat screen TV. The woman also hid the box under her skirt and then quickly pretended as if nothing happened. Up to now, it remains a mystery as to how the woman was able to get away with the bold crime.

Check out the videos below and tell us what you think about this new modus!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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