19-Year Old Girl Claims Accepting Money for S*x Is Not Prostitution!


In the present context of the society, it is deemed prostitution when someone accepts payment for a night of love and romance. However, this lady shocked her viewers when she stood firm with her claim that accepting money in exchange of making love does not make her a prostitute.

Kalli is a 19-year old 'sugar baby' who appeared on American talk show, Dr. Phil, hosted by TV personality Phil McGraw. Kalli was caught by her family going out with several men where money is involved. They decided to seek advise from McGraw's talk show.

During the interview, the TV host clarified Kalli's claim. She initially said that making love with men while money is involved is not considered prostitution. She defended her answer by saying that it is more than just a night together in one bed.

"You're exchanging companionship for money. Because I'm not just sitting there going to have s*x at their house. We're going out on dates, building relationships with each other. So no. It's not s*x for money," Kalli claimed.

Kalli also explained that being a sugar baby does not mean one has to make love for money. She said that sugar babies go out with sugar daddies for their time and connection. She emphasized that there are sugar daddies who are willing to help their sugar babies succeed in life. According to her, sugar babies like her deal with men for time and affection. She claimed that it is not just all about making love.

"For time, for being there talking to them," Kalli said.

"It's not even that. Some of them have connections that can help you get your place in life. Like, your sugar daddies respect you way more and want to see you succeed," she added.

During the show, Kalli admitted going out and meeting various men he initially met online. Although not all of them shared a bed and a night with her, she admitted that she is accepting money for her night service.

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