17-Year-Old Girl Has 7 Children with Three Guys and Her Story is so Weird, You'll Think it's Fiction


Women would do anything for love no matter what the cost. Women could gain and lose from love but they remain strong and move on with their life.

Just like Pamela Villaruel, a then 17-year-old Argentinian and mother of not just one or two but seven children. What is more bizarre is that these seven children do not have the same fathers. Pamela was not afraid to say that she got impregnated by three men.

Her story, originally published last 2008, went viral again on social networks and news outlets for being a courageous woman and proving her story could be timeless.

Before having a baby, Pamela was just an ordinary girl. She excelled in Math. At the same time, she gossiped about clothes and pop bands.

Pamela, an innocent girl from Leones in Cordoba Province, Nothern Argentina, was first impregnated at the ripe age of 14. She thought it was real love since she bore love in a form of baby but that was just childish ideas. Pamela and her first child were left by her boyfriend, whom she refused to identify, because he had another relationship. Get this, he had other relationship not with a woman but with another man.

After this tragedy, she met her next boyfriend. At that time, she thought that this was finally the love that she deserves. 

Two years later after her first child, she had two more pregnancies. In those two pregnancies, both were twins.

With five children already at age 16, she really thought that her boyfriend was gonna take care of her. It turned out to be the opposite.

Pamela became a battered girlfriend by her second boyfriend. Not willing to be a victim anymore, she asked him to leave her and their children.

At the time of the story being published, she was staying with her third boyfriend whom she also had children with. She also lived with her mother who helped her daughter all the time.

17-Year-Old Girl Has 7 Children with Three Guys and Her Story is so Weird, You'll Think it's Fiction

Currently, media outlets have no report on Pamela after almost a decade of her story published on the internet. It sounds like an unbelievable story but Pamela proved that children and two heart breaks could not bring her down and force her to stop living.

If she was in the Philippines, she would already be judged and alienated by people. Pamela shows that women should not be ashamed of their past and just continue with their life.

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Source: TNP, Kami

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