Young Debutante Gets Shocked When Her Father Does This During Her Debut! Must Watch!


Many young girls dream that something amazing and grand will happen during their much anticipated debut once they turn eighteen. But what happens when your father, the man who’s supposed to take the lead during your first dance, is unable to attend the event since he’s working out of the country? 

In a Facebook post by Ronald Garcia, a young debutante had the surprise of her life when she watched a video of her father giving an inspiring message to her. Her father said “the show must go on” and greeted her a “happy, happy birthday.” 

The young debutante was shedding tears while watching and when her father said “basta may surprise si papa,” the crowd immediately went wild. 

The debutante instantly looked in the direction of the uproar and became utterly surprised when her father — who was supposed to be out of the country — appeared right in front of her very eyes and went towards her, carrying a bouquet of flowers. 

The debutante immediately hugged her dad, causing some people in the audience to shed tears. It was truly an amazing moment, as nobody thought that her father was going to be able to make his daughter’s debut because of his job obligations. 

The debutante had her first dance with her father, who kissed her on the forehead. Indeed, it was a heartwarming moment, one that both of them will never forget. 

Check out the full video below: 

Source: TNP, Facebook

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