You Would Not Believe What This Young Man Was Trying to Do to This Poor Female Passenger! Find Out Here!


In Hong Kong, a young man was caught harassing and blowing the hair of a young lady who was busy minding her own business and listening to her music. The video footage was in the Mass Transit Railway and showed how this idiotic offender was licking and breathing on her hair, as if trying to seduce the young lady.

People were enraged at the fact that the person only took a video of the incident and did not do anything to help the defenseless girl. The video has now been viewed for over 38 thousand times and shared for more than 250 times. 

In an interview with the Hong Kong-based news website, "Hong Kong 01", Barrister Lu Wai-hsiung said that the man's behaviour merits a number of offenses and these include indecent assault. The barrister explained the legal point of view for what qualifies as "touch", emphasizing on the footage where the perverted young man was licking the female passenger’s hair. 

"To some extent, it is considered touch because the hair is born with the body and is a part of it, coupled with the man is likely to have the intention to lick the other side, can be regarded as indecent behavior, not accidentally touch,” he added.

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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