Is the Peace Sign Your Favorite Selfie Pose? You Will Surely Stop Doing It After Reading This!


Just when we thought social media ruined enough relationships and lives, it now offers a bigger threat which can endanger our privacy and even our very lives! This involves our selfies and other photos we post publicly.

Yes, you read that right! In a study conducted at the National Institute of Informatics in Japan, fingerprints can actually be stolen from our selfies. With the progressive technology of smart phone cameras, this kind of fraud has become possible. You only need to be at least three meters away from the camera in your photos and the hacker can easily copy your fingerprints from there.

"We shed physical biometric data wherever we go, leaving fingerprints on everything we touch, posting selfies on social media, and videos with friends and family. Much of this information can then be captured by fraudsters."said Robert Capps, who works in NuData Security, a biometrics company.

"Once biometric data is stolen and resold on the Dark Web, the risk of inappropriate access to a user's accounts and identity will persist for that person's lifetime,” he added.

So, you might want to reconsider changing that signature peace sign pose to some other pose.

You Have to Stop Doing the Peace Sign Pose Immediately. Reading This Can Save Your Life!
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