Rich Couple Makes Fun Of A Poor Family While In Queue At Walmart, But What A Brave Woman Did Will Touch Your Heart!


Sometimes, we are tempted to think that people are judgemental by nature. But there are people who just keep crossing the line and go beyond judgments by going on full verbal assault. This couple in Walmart might just be the perfect example for this as they blatantly mocked a woman who had 5 kids with her. Good thing, a woman named Lindsay Rae gave them the best lesson they will never forget!

According to Lindsay, she happened to be in between the couple and the woman as she was waiting for her turn to pay the cashier. Everything was going fine until the couple started to whisper loudly: 

"How many baby daddies do you think she has?"

"Can't even dress those kids for weather."

"Just wait until she whips out the food stamps. "

But they didn't just stop there. When they noticed that the woman was fumbling for clothes and shoes for her five children, two of which share the same hair, while the three others looked oddly different from each other, the couple began whispering again saying:

"There's our tax dollars neatly at work."

This sent Lindsay into a fit so she approached the woman and offered her some help. It turned out that the woman is a new foster mom and was struggling to accommodate her three new kids while she takes care of her own.

"New Foster Mom, this is my first time using one of these, they came 3 days ago, gonna be with us for a while.They gave us food, but the kids needed clothes, but no stipend has come through yet." the woman shared.

So Lindsay helped her and loaded up her cart. But as the woman left, Lindsay made sure she'd give the couple a word. So she turned back, and emotionally blurted out: 

"Those children? They lost the right to live with their parents just days ago, those clothes? probably the only clothes they own, or got to leave their home with.

THAT woman? Opened her home to kids, kids that needed a safe place to go, when the one they lived in no longer proved safe enough or secure enough for them. The food stamps, something health, and welfare helps an already mother to two feed three new mouths. 
There are not nearly enough women or people like her this world."

"AND even IF those kids were all hers, and she had a dozen "baby daddies" and was on food child in this country or any other deserves to be cold or hungry, I am sorry, but your behavior? Poorly done, VERY poorly done."

Many people around lauded what Lindsay did, aggreing that the couple deserved the sermon they just took.


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