Willie Revillame Emotionally Revealed The Truth About His Painful Life Behind Fame And Success! Must Watch!


Wowowin host Willie Revillame emotionally shared how he lives his lonely life despite being famous and successful. 

During his birthday celebration on his afternoon program last Friday, instead of being jolly about the additional year of his life, TV host Willie Revillame failed to hide his emotions. He revealed the painful truth about his current situation. The host admitted that despite his successful career, it is the absence of a real family which makes him lonely everyday. He also admitted that he was just starting to build a closer relationship with his children.

According to a news item from GMA News, the 56-year old actor compared his life situation with the way the letter-W is being written. He said that like the initials of his name (W for Willie), his life drifts from being on top then will soon fiind its way to go down.

"Akyat, baba, akyat, baba, parang pangalan ko," Willie said.

He claimed that his last motivation was his audience.

"Baba, akyat, baba, ang pinakahuli, akyat para sa inyo," Willie added.

Willie then claimed that he thought of his audience everyday as he does not have a real family. According to him, his lonely life starts as soon as he drank coffee in the morning and would end by going home alone after every studio taping. 

"Hindi n'yo alam, lagi ko kayong iniisip, araw araw, laging kayo. Kasi naman wala akong pamilyang tunay. Wala akong asawa, walang magulang, walang lahat, ako lang," Willie stated.

Willie proceeded to thank his daughter, actress Meryll Soriano, for being there for him everyday and helping him reach out to his other children. According to him, Meryll finds ways as to how he could get closer to them. He said that this is the only time that he had the opportunity to be with his chilren more often.

"Hindi kami close. Ngayon lang kami nagiging close, itong mga panahong ito lang na ginagawan ng paraan ni Meryll." Willie added.

Celebrities, including the Comedy Queen Ai Ai Delas Alas, wished for him to have a life-partner that would take care of him.

The actor also thanked God for giving him the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate. 


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