When a Jewish and a Muslim Boy Walk Side-by-Side, Many Look on in Curiosity - Watch and See What Happens Next!


The state of Palestine and the country of Israel have been bitter rivals for a long time now. The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has been fought over issues of territory, water rights, control of Jerusalem,  Palestinian freedom of movement - just to name a few.

Until now both sides have failed to reach a final peace agreement. Many lives have paid the cost of this bloody dispute. 

This viral video is an unusual and potentially dangerous social experiment – a man dressed as Jewish person walks side-by-side with a man dressed as a Muslim down the streets of Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods respectively. 

Understandably the situation was tense as many onlookers of both Jewish and Muslim heritage watched the duo walk together. Many looked on in curiosity and couldn't believe what they were seeing. The pair didn't seem to know what to expect but what they discovered was something surprising and often times beautiful. 

First the duo tried the experiment in a Jewish neighborhood.

Two Jewish ladies were asked what they thought of the pair walking together. One answered, “I think it’s great.” Her companion agreed and said, “And if you get along, its great. It will be wonderful.” 

A man joined them later and was asked the same question. He answered, “There is only one God and they [Muslims and Jews] should be best friends. We’re all cousins anyway.”

Next they tried their luck in a Muslim/Arab neighborhood.

A middle-eastern man walked up to them and asked for a picture which he intends to upload on Facebook. He said “This is the best thing I can see because if they work together and they act together, this is life.” 

“We are all cousins and there’s no difference, only politics.” he added. 

Another Arabic person gave the pair his blessing, “Peace be upon you brother. Thank God. May God bless you two.” 

Unfortunately other Americans did not share the same brotherly sentiment.

A man came up to the Jewish looking person and asked him why would he walk together with a “terrorist.” Naturally the Jewish teen defend his companion. The random person swore at them and went his way.

Yet many others were thrilled to see this peaceful example set by the two. Many people on the street took the time to take pictures of the two and voiced their support for peace. 

As many of the people who were touched have said: “We’re all cousins anyway.”

Watch the touching and powerful video here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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