Will You Act Like This When You See This Sexy Santa? You Will Surely Enjoy This Video! Must Watch!


Everyone seems to enjoy the cold season of Christmas. But what if a sexy santa pass by in front of you? You'll surely be distracted of her curves and will definitely turn your cold Christmas into a sizzling hot holiday.

This hot Santa roamed the streets this Christmas while playing the android game 'Color Switch'. And guess what? Everyone who passed by her got distracted of her big booty which definitely magnets the eyes.

At first, she passed in front of two guys who are at the moment busy talking to each other. Well of course, their attention was captured by the sexy butt of this Santa. The female Santa walked in front of other people, and even girls couldn't stop themselves from staring at the sexy Santa's booty. 

Watch this video to see how distracted they are with the Santa's big butt:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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