Watch What This Reckless Jeepney Driver Did To An On-Duty Traffic Enforcer!


CCTV footage of an accident that involved a jeepney driver and a traffic enforcer is going viral. 

The incident happened at 7:17 am, Tuesday, January 31, 2017. A traffic enforcer wearing MAPSA's (Makati Public Safety Assistance) yellow uniform was directing traffic at JP Rizal Extension Buting Intersection in East Rembo, Makati City. 

At 0:14 in the video, a jeepney tries to make a left turn but went too wide, hitting the constable who was standing near the edge of the intersection. 

The latter was pushed a few meters back because of the impact.  

The jeepney driver then quickly got off the vehicle to check on the enforcer who seemed conscious but shaken.

The names of the people involved and the condition of the enforcer are yet to be confirmed. 

The video already has 75K views as of this writing. 

Many traffic enforcers have become victims of undisciplined drivers and incidences of road rage within the past year.

In one incident, a taxi driver ran over an MMDA Traffic enforcer named Ronald Perez after the latter flagged him down for cutting lanes at the westbound side of the Tandang Sora Flyover. 

The story of a traffic constable who got berated and beaten up by a Phillip Morris executive also drew criticism on social media.

While in another shocking encounter, Ernesto Paras, Jr. got shot and run over in Barangay Silangan Quezon City after he removed the plate number of an illegally parked car.   

What should the government do to drivers like these? Give us your opinions in the comments section!

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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