WATCH: Video of Monkeys Grieving Is The Saddest Video You'll Watch Today


Monkeys remain one of the most cunning animals in the wild. But not too much. A show called Spy in the Wild in BBC, tricked a bunch of monkeys with a baby robotic monkey

They surrounded the place with hidden cameras and threw in a robotic monkey with ultra-high definition camera in its eyes. The crew of Langur monkeys were engrossed in their normal routine when this baby monket infiltrated the camp.

Since it was realistic looking, the monkeys started interacting with it. Everything was going well until one monkey clumsily dropped the robot. 

Surprisingly, the monkeys thought it was dead and started gathering around it. They started grieving and displayed sad emotions. It was as if they were conducting a little wake for the robot.

According to the scientists who conducted the experiment, they didn't expect that Langur monkeys were capable of such emotions. They were surprised and touched by how they reacted. 

The video immediately captured the attention of the netizens garnering around 1.6 thousand reactions.

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP , YouTube

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