Watch: Video of an Elderly Man Touching This Woman’s Breast to Read Her Fortune!


Different cultures of the world have their own ways of fortune telling. 

Some people practice fortune-telling through the use of tarot cards or reading the alignment of stars. Others go to extreme measures like sign-reading from chicken guts.

But have you ever had someone grope your breast to read your future?

A strange video has gone viral featuring an elderly man claiming to predict a woman’s future - by touching her breast. The short clip was possibly recorded in China and has since spread around social media.

The video was uploaded by user Xiao Yuwen on the Chinese video clip sharing site While the original poster claims to be a travel photographer from Yunan Province, he failed to mention where this short clip took place.

The caption of the video read as: “Fortune telling by touching the breast, this man is taking great advantage.”

Many Chinese netizens voiced their opinions over the odd practice on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter.

Some users were disgusted while others simply made fun of the video. 


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