Watch: This Girl Died Right After Taking a Selfie on a Beach!


Shouts out to all travelers out there, especially beach lovers.

The authorities warn everyone to take caution when going to the beach as the weather is making the waves very unpredictable. Case in point, a group of students almost died while taking a photo on the shoreline of a beach in Ilocos Norte.

According to Hazel Diaz, one of the nine students and the one who volunteered to take the photo, her 8 friends were on the shoreline when an enormous wave came rushing towards them. Completely taken by surprise, the group got washed into the sea and almost drowned to death.

Fortunately, the locals present conducted a rescue operation. Policemen and barangay officials also came immediately after getting the report and helped rescue the students.

Unfortunately, it was too late for one of the students who was declared dead on arrival. The victim was identified as Chezka. According to one her friends, he tried to rescue her but was also struggling to save himself.

Meanwhile, five of them have already recovered while the other two still have to spend a few days in the hospital because of too much intake of salt water.

Watch the full report below:

Source: TNP, Kami

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