WATCH: This Girl Cries Angrily At Her Father Who Looks At Other Women's Pictures!


This video is spreading like wildfire across social media after netizens were delighted by this kid who was very disturbed by her dad's actions. 

The video started with a kid crying and shouting to her father. At first, it may seem like a tantrum but when she started sharing about how her father was talking to other girls, she cried angrily

She was crying about how a woman was trying to seduce her father and how her father threatened to throw her mother out. She worried about having a new mother and cried "Lalayas na lang kami. E siya ang totoo naming nanay, tapos itatapon mo. Sino nang mag-aalaga sa amin? Ibang nanay? Tapos tatawagin naming 'Ome'. Ayoko! Hindi naman namin nanay yun e!"

The mother expressed how touched she was with what the kid said. The father kept denying the accusation and said that he was just looking at their pictures. 

The conversation went on for a little while before the kid realized that her mother was just making fun of her and was recording this whole time. The video already garnered 6.7 thousand reactions and over 7,000 shares. Many netizens were surprised at how the young kid can already understand these things and how affected she was.


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