This Foreigner Pretends To Be A Homeless In The Philippines, He Didn't Expect That Filipinos Will Do This! Must Watch!


With the war in Syria, and extrajudicial killings ravaging our own country, it's getting harder to believe that there is still good in this world. 

This is what this guy was trying to discover when he tried to live penniless in Manila for a day. He surrendered his belongings, including his wallet and money, and relied on people's generosity. 

When he needed water, he approached a guy who immediately offered him a drink as they were both Muslims. He also approached people for food. A guy who just got employed that day after being unemployed for a while paid for his $1.30-worth meal. According to the foreigner, the helpful guy just wanted to share his blessings

Finally, he tried to see if someone was willing to offer him accommodation, since he checked out of his hotel. He approached many people but was rejected by them all – except for this one kind stranger who offered him his tiny apartment and his bed without asking for anything in return. 

However, he noted how it was much easier to get help from people because he was a foreigner. He said it would have been harder if the stranger asking for help was a fellow Filipino. Despite this apparent racism, he still considers the help he received as genuine. 

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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