WATCH: Robin Padilla Finally Had The Opportunity to Do This to His Newborn Baby Daughter!


Action star Robin Padilla finally reunites with his family after being separated from them for months.

Due to his inability to acquire an US Visa, Mariel Rodriguez' husband had to wait for months before he could see his first daughter, Isabelle. When Mariel and their daughter finally returned to Manila, the action star could not deny his happiness and joy upon laying hands on his daughter for the first time. 

In an Instagram video, Padilla showed how he spent his first morning with his family. With the national anthem playing in the background, Padilla shared how he toured his daughter around their mosque-inspired home.

Watch the full video here:

Mariel gave birth to Isabelle last November 2016 in USA due to her delicate pregnancy.
Source: TNP , GMA

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