Watch Here! You Won't Believe What Happens After This Snake Bites Into a Woman's Breast!


Snakes are scary but misunderstood creatures. When a person mentions the slithering reptiles, things like "biting" and "venom" come to mind. 

A video of a model's fake breast being bitten by a snake has gone viral. Yet in a strange twist of fate, it was the snake who died! 

The trending video begins with the snake being draped over the model. She begins to pose suggestively (and quite comically) with the animal - letting the body rest on her bulging breasts and letting it crawl over her neck.

Afterwards, she begins to imitate the reptile by flicking her tongue out. The moment she looks away from the snake, it darts forward and bites the woman's left breast. 

The snake handlers struggled to get the animal off of the lady. A few moments later and the animal yielded.

Reportedly the model underwent a tetanus shot. Unfortunately for the snake, the model had (quite obvious) breast implants and died due to silicone poisoning

Watch the shocking yet comical video here!

Source: TNP , Youtube

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