WATCH HERE: Viral Video of Legal Wife Beating up Her Husband’s Mistress Using a Pair of Scissors! Do You Think She Deserved This?

Infidelity can cause a devastating chain of events once it's committed and revealed to the affected loved ones.

Take this video for example. A woman, who appeared to be the legal wife, attacked her husband's mistress inside a car by strangling her hair and using a pair of scissor to hurt her.

The wife was accompanied by a group of people, seemingly as 'back-up', who captured the assault on video

It can be heard that the mistress tried to plead for mercy, telling her attacker that she planned to talk to her about the relationship she had with her husband.

Later in the video, the wife told the person filming the incident to focus on the mistress’ face to bring her shame.

The video instantly went viral and prompted many netizens to wonder if the mistress deserved the gruesome revenge enacted on her by the angry wife. Some netizens believe the wife went too far.

The incident was reminiscent of the film 'Wag Mo Kong Ma-Terrie Terrie' starring Maricel Soriano, where she brutally killed Zsa Zsa Padilla because she found out that she was sleeping with her husband.


Source: TNP , Facebook

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