Watch Here! Mistress Is Savagely Beaten By Her Lover's Wife At a Jollibee Restaurant!


Warning : The following video contains images, themes and profanity that may not be suitable for minors. Reader discretion is strongly advised. 

Netizens were shocked after watching this really intense confrontation between a wife and her husband’s mistress at a Jollibee fast-food restaurant.

The video starts right in front of a Jollibee cashier counter where the legal wife mercilessly attacks the mistress. The wife grabs at her hair, slaps and kicks her while the husband in yellow tries to separate them. 

She even takes a swing at her husband who does nothing but walk away with his girl. 

Even the cameraman gets involved when the wife rushes towards the duo. The wife squares off with the mistress in a fist fight while the camera is disrupted by the husband. All four of them are separated by Jollibee staff. The wife then shouts at her rival, “Kabit yan! Kabit! Kabit! Oh ano? P*****a mo ah!”

When all three of them were asked to leave, they all rush to the door to continue their fight outside. The cameraman follows right behind them. Someone in the background, presumably the one filming, was even encouraging the scorned wife. “Sige suntukin mo miss! Sige! Sige!”

He went as far telling everyone else to back away from the lover’s quarrel. “Wag kayo tutulong.” he said, “Mag-asawa yan.” 

Grabe kuya, sobrang involved ka.

It was at that moment when the video realigns that we can see the wife trapping the mistress through the door by pulling her hair!

Whew, and that’s not even half the video yet!


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