WATCH HERE: Kim Domingo Suffers From Severe Pain Because of This And What the Doctor Did to Cure Her is Unbelievable


On Bubble Gang's December 23 episode, sexy star Kim Domingo starred as a woman named 'Ms. Navarro' who complained about the severe pain she was experiencing on her head, foot, and back. 

The attending physician tried to determine the cause of her pain by asking her to remove her jacket. At first, Kim was reluctant but she was reassured by the doctor that by doing this, they will be able to know what's causing her head and back aches.

Not surprisingly, the doctor saw Kim's chest which appeared large and heavy. He later diagnosed that the pain as due to the weight of her chest.

However, the really funny part was how the doctor managed to "cure" Kim's ailments.

Watch the funny episode here:

Source: TNP , Youtube

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