WATCH: 2 Gamers Brawl Inside Computer Shop Because Of DOTA


A CCTV footage became the talk of the town after two gamers caused havoc inside a local computer shop. Netizens expressed their dismay over the incident.

At the start of the video, it can be seen that all the customers are just minding their own business. However, two of the gamers started exchanging heated arguments while playing the popular game DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) which led to a brawl.

They punched each other and even they damaged a monitor inside the shop. Other customers were too shocked to respond, but some of them tried to calm the two gamers. The shop's owner was able to stop the fight and drive them out.

Comments noted that sportsmanship should be practiced even in online games to avoid such incidents.

Source: TNP, Kami

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