Warning! 10 Things You Might Unintentionally Do That Will Surely Ruin Your Relationship!


Valentines day is fast approaching and surely, couples do not want to suddenly ruin their relationships by doing something they are not aware of.

Relationships and commitment is a big responsibility. This entails accountability for your actions towards your partner, as well as his or her emotions.

Here is a list of 10 things partners should remember never to do according to a list rounded up by Classified Feed.

1. Never Cheat. By any means, whether physically, emotionally or even just by thought, never cheat.

2. Make time for your partner. Again, being in a relationship entails commiting to your partner. There is no sense being with someone you cannot make time for.

3. Do not keep secrets. Despite whatever justifiable reason you think you may have, do not keep it a secret, much more lie about it. Relationships require trust, be open to your partner.

4. Do not revolve your world around your partner. Spending time with your partner is a good thing but too much of it might become too suffocating. 

5. Do not make your partner a rebound. Do not go in a relationship to forget a person from your past. Pursuing someone just to forget another person is selfish.

6. Do not take your partner for granted. No matter how assured you are that your partner will not leave you, do not take him or her for granted. Relationships work two ways, give as much assurance as you are receiving.

7. Over jealousy. Trusting your partner means allowing him or her to breath. Do not get too caught up in jealousy, otherwise you will lose your partner.

8. Understand. Do not listen with the mere intention of replying, understand. Communicating with your partner is necessary to sustain the relationship so do not talk just to argue and make a clever comeback.

9. Drop your trust issues. Again, trust is necessary so whatever you have experienced in your past, being in a relationship means putting full trust in your partner.

10. Do not flirt. As a commited person, know that whether or not your partner is there, flirting is not allowed. There is no sense being in a relationship if you are no longer content. 
Source: TNP ClassiFiedFeed

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