VIRAL: Sisters Who Ride A Horse To School Earn Praises From Netizens!


Numerous netizens were touched by the story of these admirable young girls called the Umila sisters, who shared the story of how they get to school every day.

Determined to finish their studies and raise their family up from poverty, the sisters ride a horse together on their way to school, since it is the fastest option. 

Otherwise, they would have to walk long hours to get there. 

Heart, the elder sister, shared an experience she had with the horse. She once slipped on the trail and almost got her body crushed by the horse. Luckily, she was able to quickly move out of the way.

Because they are eager to learn, Heart shrugged off that life-threatening incident and bravely rode the horse again with her sister, Bea.

The two shared the careers they aspire to have in the future, once they finish their education. Heart dreams of being an engineer, while Bea wants to be a doctor someday.

Both of their parents support their children. They hope that Heart and Bea will each fulfill their goals and have a better life.

Their story was featured on GMA News' Front Row segment and earned praises from netizens because of the sisters' determination to study despite the hardships they face.

Source: TNP , GMA

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