WATCH: A Violent Tornado Passing Through A Town Got Captured By A CCTV Camera and You Will Not Believe How Violent it Was!


A CCTV footage recently caught the attention of many netizens after capturing a passing tornado in a seemingly ordinary day. Tornadoes usually appear as a rotating funnel-shaped cloud which can whirl at a speed of 300 miles per hour. It is still unclear as to how they start forming. However, they are classified as one of the most destructive natural disasters which can occur at very unexpected time. 

In the video, people were seen gathering at the entrance door and began noticing something approaching. Some of them took precaution and closed the glass doors as a whirl of wind started to form outside. After some time, they started pulling away from the entrance hastily and a violent wind started smashing the glass doors. The wind eventually whipped thicker and thicker as more debris and dust went with it. Judging from the video, it also brought down many trees and ripped many light posts. The video's location remains unknown.  

Many netizens noted how powerful nature can be and how they wished for the safety of everyone affected by the tornado. As of this writing, the video already garnered over 1.5 Million views, 42 thousand likes, and over 20 thousand shares.

Watch it below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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